A Sprinkle of Christmas Magic

We’ve experienced a sprinkle of magic today when we visited our favourite Curious Kids Town for their interactive Christmas experience – Help Santa Save Christmas.

We were welcomed in by the magic Elf before being introduced to Father Christmas himself. To ensure every visitor had their time with the big man, everyone had full use of the play equipment so there were no queues, no waiting – it was a full play session and everyone got their opportunity to sit with Father Christmas and chat through their wishlist.

If you haven’t been to Curious Kids Town before, I can’t tell you how wonderful it is. Full children’s role play scenes with a construction site, a cafe, a vet, a supermarket and more. It really is brilliant. You can read more on my Curious Kids Town blog post I wrote when they first opened.

Father Christmas and his Elf also played with children within the mini town, visiting the Vets with his reindeer and to the cafe for a hot chocolate all whilst on the journey to save Christmas and getting Santa everything he needed to get back to the North Pole.

Harry then decorated a gingerbread man to dunk in a complimentary babychino. All before Santa told a magical story, had a sing along and all the children left with a goody bag of treats and a pure excitement for what was about to come in just a few days!

A truly magical 90 minutes we will all never forget and Hugo’s first opportunity to meet Father Christmas.

To book your tickets visit www.curiouskidstown.co.uk/help-santa-save-christmas

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