Changing my Skin with Dermalogica

I was so lucky to be included in the Dermalogica Skinfluencer campaign they are running this season and couldn’t believe my luck when an amazing parcel arrived full of skincare goodies to try.

This gift couldn’t have come at a better time. With a hot summer making my skin greasier than usual and the day to day juggles of working and running a home, my skin had suffered. I was having almost daily breakouts and having to cake on concealer to cover them up. Strangely though I also had bumpy and dry cheeks down to my throat so I didn’t know where to start on regulating my skincare and bringing life back to my skin (beware – this post contains unedited photos with no make up!!)


A month ago my skin was tired, lacklustre and full of breakouts with some really painful spots

I completed a questionnaire for Dermalogica so the team could match me with the right products and waited with baited breath for them to arrive so I could get cracking.

The lovely team kindly sent me:

Pre cleanse 

Special Cleansing Gel 

Daily Microfoliant 

Skin Smoothing Cream 

Age Smart Skin Perfect Primer 

I’d heard a lot about double cleansing and couldn’t wait to have a go. The pre cleanse is a gorgeous smelling oil that you rub into your skin to loosen make up and day to day grease and impurities. You then splash the oil off with water and it turns to milk; really effective at removing make up.

To follow I use the special cleansing gel on wet skin which foams up to fully clean my face and neck.

The microfoliant was another revelation. You pour a little into the palm of your hand and rub into moist skin, making a gentle exfoliating cream. It feels so light and not at all abrasive but when you wash it off, my face feels softer than a baby’s bottom! Peachy!

The skin smoothing cream is a divine moisturiser, really light so it doesn’t weigh your skin down but feels rich enough that you only need a little to moisturise your face and neck.

I then follow this with the Skin Perfect primer. Again you only need a little and this can be used with or without foundation. Since using the primer I definitely use less foundation and my skin feels flawless. Really impressive, especially considering I never usually wear a primer.

I wanted to give my skin a full 4 weeks using the products daily so I could really assess the difference during monthly cycles where breakouts happen, etc before I did my review.

After using the products for a couple of weeks my skin was already looking brighter, more luminous and far healthier with my spots drying up.

I had heard great things about Dermalogica from friends but I am now completely converted. My skin has really changed; less breakouts, smoother appearance and glowing cheeks. Using the Dermalogica products has made my skin feel so healthy and glowy and I definitely wear less make up than I did before.

Healthier, glowy skin which has really made a difference to my confidence. I am only wearing the skin perfect primer, some tinted moisturiser and blush on my skin (no foundation or concealer!)

I went on to purchase the Clear Start blackhead clearing fizz mask to supplement the skin care regime and that’s brill too.

If you are looking for a new skincare routine or considering how best to care for your skin, I can’t recommend Dermalogica highly enough. Happy to answer any questions, please just pop them in the comments below.

Just to note, Dermalogica are offering a free Ultimate Masque kit as a gift with purchases, available nationwide in Dermalogica stockists and online with various offers. For example if you spend £70 at ‪‬ you’ll receive the kit free with your order ‪until 5th‬ ‪October 2018‬, or while stocks last.

I was kindly gifted these products to try but as always, all views and opinions are my own.

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