Let Kids Be Curious

I’ve been hunting for a local play centre that focusses on learning through play and encouraging curiosity of kids since 2015 when Harry was born.

I came to the conclusion it didn’t exist and unless I created it myself, I would need to travel an hour each way to Eureka every time we wanted to do role play learning and let Harry be curious.

Step forward Curious Kids Town, Sheffield’s newest play centre, but with a difference. Curious Kids Town, or as Harry calls it “incredible mecurious Town” answered my play centre prayers. It’s a different kind of indoor play combining education, imagination and loads of fun.


Since it opened I’ve taken Harry twice and he’s also been with his Grandparents. It’s just such a lovely place to be.

Curious Kids Town is made up of:
Hairdresser/beauty salon
Police station
Post office
Doctors Surgery
Fire station
Construction site
Ice cream stall
Petrol station

There is also a wishing well for fishing, a gardening section and a picnic bench. There’s so much to see, do and play with, I have as much fun as Harry!

For parents (and kids) there’s a small cafe serving hot and cold drinks and some cakes and snacks so I would suggest having lunch before or after you go.

Curious Kids Town opens 7 days a week.
Mon Fri – 9.30 – 4.50
Sat & Sun – 8.30 – 5.30

The costs are:
With every Child at £6.25 you get one free adult. Each additional adult is £2.50. Pre-walkers under 1 are free with a paying sibling.

When you book, you get an 80 minute time slot which feels like the perfect amount of time. At the end of the session, the lovely owners ring a bell and the tidy up song comes on.

One of the best things about Curious Kids Town is that it’s capped at 25 children which means it never feels over full and less chance of children fighting over the same toys.

The Curious Kids Town website is https://curiouskidstown.co.uk

This blog post isn’t sponsored, I just wanted to share the details with you as it really is our new favourite place!

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