Wanted – my mojo back!

Every now and again I lose my mojo, it doesn’t happen often but when it does it throws me off kilter, like being on a rocky boat and I can’t stabilise.

My latest loss of mojo has lasted a few weeks and particularly extends to instagram which had become much more than just a hobby. My mojo seems to have abandoned me alongside total inspiration and creativity so I’m left feeling a little, well, grey.

I think this mojo loss has stemmed around life getting a little bit crazy – a busy job, a potty training and very active (and accident prone) two year old, trying to maintain a tidy(ish) home and also cook and eat good meals (same battle for us all I’m sure), watching people on instagram seeming to ‘win’ at life – growing their followings quickly because people love their content when mine felt stagnant, seeing perfect homes with perfect accessories which seem out of my reach, but mainly down to us being unsettled around whether to move house or stay where we are.

I was comparing myself and our life to everyone else and things just got on top of me and quashed my, usually chirpy, spirit – sorry to family, friends, random people in the street etc who have had the absolute delight of seeing me on a bad day! #grump

So I’m trying something new, not revolutionary, but new to me. I’m trying mind over matter, distraction, positive vibes only. I’m trying to spin every negative I find into a positive and to try and be a little bit more grateful for things I have been taking for granted – health, family, friends, a good job.

*When it rains…well that saves us watering the plants

*When I put on 1lb…well who doesn’t love curvy girls

*When I see an Instagram house that’s the dream but out of our reach…well its something to aim for and in the meantime provides inspiration for tweaks I can make to our home.

*When Harry wakes several times in the night…well that’s an opportunity to see his gorgeous face (this one I’m going to have to really really try hard on – I love my sleep!)

You get my drift…

So from today, I hope you will see more blog posts, more creativity on instagram and hopefully more of ‘me’ too.

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