A letter to my two year old 

Harry was two in early June and it still hasn’t sunk in how quickly time flies and that this amazing little boy is ours. I’ve written a little letter to our darling boy…

Happy Birthday sweetheart.

I can’t quite believe you have just turned two. The last two years have flown and it doesn’t feel like to two minutes since I was feeling you wriggle and kick inside my tummy and now here you are – wriggling out of my arms and desperate to kick a football.

This is letter to you to tell you how proud we are of you. You are such a bright little boy – fully of mischief and fun but with the kindest heart. You hate to see/hear anyone upset and you melt my heart when you offer up your favourite comf comf to someone who is crying.

You can count confidently to 10 (but 7 isn’t your favourite) and you are quickly learning 11-20. You love trucks, diggers, bin lorries, cars and trains – anything that moves and makes noise!

You are becoming really musical, loving playing your “tuitar and piaaaano” and tapping your feet and dancing. 

You take to things so quickly and with no fear, jumping on your scooter, running towards the biggest slide and talking to new people you meet. 

I love hearing your little voice – I’ll never tire of hearing you call “mummy”. The little things you say make us giggle and we can’t believe how much of the world you really take in. Never ever stop doing this. We want you to appreciate the small things, enjoy something every day, have fun, talk to people. 

We are so proud of the little boy you are becoming Harry, you make us so very happy. 

Love Mummy xx

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