20 Facts About Me

I often get asked to do bits and pieces like this but I cannot believe quite how many tags I’ve had for the ’20 facts about me’ feature on Instagram so who am I to hide, here are my 20…

1) I love living in Yorkshire, we are perfectly situated for cities and countryside – spot on!

2) I have been with my husband since I was 18 but loved him since I was 15 (shhhh don’t tell him though!)

3) I’ve worn glasses since I was 16. I’ve had flings with contact lenses but love my Raybans, they feel part of me!

4) I absolutely love chips, so much so our local chip shop know me.

5) I have a real love of stripes – I live in Joules Breton tops.

6) I also love converse! I have too many pairs – Breton tops, converse…I’m an original slummy mummy!

7) I am the Marketing Manager for a recruitment agency in the UK and Australia – I’ve always been ambitious and this hasn’t waned since I had Harry. I want to show him us women can do both if we want to.

8) I’ve known what I wanted to do since I was 15 – when someone said “you can’t half talk, you should work in marketing!”

9) My dad gave me lots of driving lessons in a Morris Minor (and I passed first time!) – who needs power steering!?

10) I have just this week realised I can’t control myself around Cadburys Mini Eggs.

11) I have very few friends I kept in touch with from school – all my best friends I made through Ben, work, or being a mummy. They are more like family, I’m very lucky.

12) I really love sausage dogs and would adore one (Harry would love it too!)

13) I like anything personalised – cue initial cushions, jewellery, cards, wooden letters…I’m obsessed!

14) My drink of choice is Gin and Tonic.

15) We had a long struggle to get our baby boy but he was the best thing we ever did – the heartache and waiting was worth it.

16) Whatever happens in my life, my son will always be my greatest achievement and what I’m most proud of.

17) My two favourite films are Wolf of Wall Street and Dreamgirls – couldn’t be more different!!

18) I love candles – if I could have it my way, I would move into a White Company shop.

19) I would love to expand our family in the next couple of years and really hoping it comes a little bit easier the next time round.

20) I love cooking – anything from buns and cakes to my signature lasagne!

I would love to know more about the lovely readers on my blog and followers on Instagram so please do tag me so I can find out more about you.

Photos by the lovely Laura Wood at Laura Wood Photography. https://www.laurawoodphotography.com

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