A few of my favourite things…

I often like to tell people about my fave things of the moment on my Instagram as I want to share good recommendations but this is my first blog post about it.

The below items range from a water bottle to furniture and toiletries but they are the items I’m loving at the moment. So here we go…

Hydratemat8 bottle I’ve been lusting after one of these for ages. Yes yes I know it’s a water bottle but it’s a bottle with a difference. It has a clever indicator timeline on the side so to prompt you to drink throughout the day. It really works, I’ve been drinking 3 of these bottles a day, whereas I would normally have countless cups of tea or coffee and just one glass of water, if that. One of my favourite things is it keeps the water really nice and cold. I bought my hubby the mini m8 with the carabena clip and I’ve got the 700ml bottle – both fit in our car cupholders perfectly so no excuses not to carry it with us.https://hydratem8.co.uk

Wax melts I’m a big candle fan and my favourite candles are white company. Don’t get me wrong, they are amazing but I end up saving them for best (when we have guests or for chilling in on a Saturday night) as I feel like I’m burning money! I heard about Wax Melts by Francesca and put in an order. Francesca also sent me a sample (which I’m still burning as it lasts forever!!!) and the smell is so fresh and delicious – you can still smell it for hours afterwards. They also don’t leave any nasty black marks on your ceilings!


Nespresso Bukeela Lungo and travel cup I’m obsessed with our nespresso machine and different coffees. My current favourite pod is Bukeela Lungo – it’s rich and flavoursome and keeps me awake and motivated. I bought my husband a Nespresso travel cup for Christmas and it’s awesome. Keeps your coffee really hot and looks good too. Top marks from us.


Wilko orchid I absolutely love orchids. I can’t really afford new flowers weekly so we often buy orchids as they make a statement and they last a while. I usually go to m&s but I got this lovely white one from Wilko just after Christmas and it’s still going strong.


IKEA Kallax and Besta Since having Harry, our house is taken over by toys so we had to get organised. A couple of trips to IKEA saw us buying kallax and drona boxes for Harry’s toys and a Besta sideboard for things like cake stands, table mats etc. Really pleased with the quality and it’s created so much more floor space for us.


Johnsons bedtime baby bath I really love johnsons bedtime baby bath products. The bath bubbles, cream and shampoo are brilliant. The bathroom smells amazing and I have seen an improvement in Harry’s sleep patterns since we started using it.


Joules bobble hat My husband bought me this Joules bobble hat for Christmas and I love it so much. It’s so cosy and soft (not like itchy knitted ones I’ve had from elsewhere in the past). The Pom poms are also interchangeable but I’m still happy with my pink fluffy Pom Pom! This hat goes with everything and is a good mix of quality and winter style.


Liz Earle shampoo I absolutely adore Liz Earle products. It’s the only skincare I use and it really works for me – natural ingredients but leaves your skin feeling super clean. My parents got me some shampoo, conditioner and a shower gel for Christmas and they are divine. The smell is amazing and my hair is all swishy and smells fresh until my next wash.


Lisa Angel bracelets I treated myself to some Lisa Angel bracelets in the sale and they are my new favourite arm candy. One of them has Harry’s name engraved on the heart with his birth stone as a gem. The bracelets are really delicate and adjustable too – easy to wear and look lovely worn with a watch.


So there we have it – a few of my favourite things…if you have enjoyed this post/found it useful, please do let me know by posting a comment below and I’ll be sure to run another ‘favourite things’ piece.

Please note:These items are not sponsored (I purchased them myself) and I have no affiliation with the companies mentioned. 

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