So many outfits and so little time

I know he grows…I mean I actually know he grows. Every day. More and more. And yet I still feel a huge pang of sadness when I’m trying to squeeze his lovely chubby little rolls into tops knowing full well that it’s the last wear. It then goes in a growing pile of clothes that every couple of weeks I pack into vacuum seal bags to store away. And then there’s that moment…that moment when you remember it’s not like you or I who can pack away summer clothes and get them out again next year. He has actually outgrown them and will never wear them again. And even when my husband says “don’t worry, the next one can wear them”, I feel slightly better until I remember that even if we are blessed with a “next one”, it might not be a boy!!!

It just goes so fast! So with that in mind I choose Harry’s wardrobe carefully! It’s a mixture of cute little outfits (matching jumper and jean duos etc), gorgeous unique individual items that are the focal point of each outfit (could be an awesome bib or an amazing pair of leggings) and second hand clothes! I mean it, I’m addicted to Harry’s wardrobe. I don’t even put anywhere near this much thought into my own outfits, which is shocking and needs to stop before I go back to work wearing a stripy t shirt, jeans and converse (which for anyone who knows me will agree is my outfit of choice!)

I really love second hand clothes that have been well looked after. You can get some amazing outfits and staple items that babies have worn only a couple of times. Some of the clothes I’ve bought through preloved Instagram accounts and some through local Facebook selling pages. It really is a brilliant way to create a wardrobe bursting with spots, stripes, denim, cotton, slogans, etc etc! Not to mention developing a brilliant capsule wardrobe of dungas, jeans, joggers and t shirts – perfect for when Harry starts nursery and throws himself into messy play!

And when people ask me where I buy Harry’s clothes from and how is he always so well coordinated, that’s my secret! I combine old and new to create my little man’s mix and match wardrobe. A wardrobe that he will grow out of within a matter of months…still makes me sad, whether the clothes are second hand or not!

Some of our favourite brands…

For the outfits:
Junior J by Jasper Conran

For the special one off items:
Fred and Noah
Lottie and Lysh

For the Instagram pre-loved items, the following Instagram mamas have brilliant pre loved pages:
Blossomingbirds (for girls)

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